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News archive: April - June 2001

Melissa Behnke was crowned Mrs. Texas International on June 30, 2001, in San Antonio. The first runner-up was Mary Begia, and the second runner-up was Willie Cunningham-Carruthers. The third runner-up was Delores Gilmore, and the fourth runner-up was Kim Meiske.

The following were crowned as state royalty at the 2001 Florida State Cinderella Finals on June 28-30, 2001, in Lakeland, Fla.: Jenny Koch of Ocala - Tot; Lauren Reed of Bradenton - Miniature Miss; Camilla Enriquez of Miami - Miss; Cynthie deGuzman of Miami - Teen; Carissa Gaudet of Miami - International Woman. They will represent Florida at the International Finals in Las Vegas in July 2001.

Coronation, Inc. has announced that it will not be going forward with Collegiate America pageants. It has learned that another enterprise owns the rights to the name, and Coronation was unable to secure them.

On June 30, 2001, Kathy Thompson emerged from a field of 21 contestants to be crowned Mrs. Minnesota America 2001. The 38-year-old, who competed as Mrs. Brainerd, won the title on her first trip to the state pageant. She also won the preliminary award for Best Evening Gown. She and her husband of 21 years, Tom, have two college-age children. She enjoys the outdoors and looks forward to her annual elk-hunting trips with her husband. The first runner-up was Mrs. Anoka County, Charity Kelly, who won the Physical Fitness award. The second runner-up was Mrs. Minneapolis, Jessica Hilde. The third runner-up was Mrs. Nobles County, Cathy Duin, who also won the Marlow McMrady/Bernice Johnson Community Service Award. The fourth runner-up was Mrs. Champlin, Franci Ames, who was chosen Mrs. Congeniality. Sarah Tichich, Mrs. Coon Rapids, won the Photogenic award. The Jerry and Susan Teener Costume Award went to Jackie Conrad, Mrs. Bloomington.

Ashley Smith of Orlando has won the Hooters International Swimsuit Contest in Las Vegas. This fifth annual contest featured competitors from the United States, Mexico, Canada and Austria. The first runner-up was Codi Dupry, Ms. Southern Louisiana, and the second runner-up was Melina Fasiana, Ms. Sunrise Florida. The third runner-up was Vanessa Benitez, Ms. Daytona, Fla., and the fourth runner-up was Martina Andrews, Ms. Arizona. The sponsors were Bud Light, Rio Hotel, Venus Swimwear, Hooters Calendar, Hooters Magazine, Hooters Restaurants, and Hooters Sports. PNB is thankful for the gracious cooperation of the Hooters organization.

Andrea Plummer, a New York City resident who attends the University of Virginia, was crowned Miss New York on June 30, 2001, in Watertown, N.Y. She will represent the state in the Miss America Pageant. In 1996, representing Tennessee, she was chosen America's Junior Miss.

Emily Foster, 22, of Cornelia, competing as Miss Northwest Georgia, was crowned Miss Georgia on June 30, 2001, in Columbus. She is a dental student at the Medical College of Georgia, and will represent her state at the Miss America Pageant. Brooke Anderson, Miss Atlanta, 23, was first runner-up. Sara Yankus, 22, Miss Lake Lanier, was second runner-up. Miss Conyers-Cherry Blossom, Jennifer Ford, 23, was third runner-up, and Amy Mulkey, 22, Miss University of Georgia, was fourth runner-up.

Florencia Gonzalez, 18, of Scarborough, Ontario, was crowned Miss CHIN Bikini in Toronto on June 29, 2001. The annual contest is a part of the world's largest free picnic, the CHIN International Picnic, which celebrated its 35th anniversary this year. The pageant has been run throughout its entire history by CHIN Radio, the largest multilingual radio network in Canada. Ryan War, 23, of Mississauga, Ont. was named Mr. CHIN Bikini.

Carrie Colvin, 18, of Alabama was chosen America's Junior Miss on June 27, 2001, in Mobile, Ala. Wednesday night. She was a multiple preliminary award winner. Ronica Licciardello, 17, of New Jersey was first runner-up, and Erin Pettigrew, 18, of Kentucky was second runner-up.

Laura Flinn-Baechtel was chosen Mrs. Illinois Achievement on June 24, 2001. Amanda Feder was chosen Miss Illinois Achievement, and Courtney Pierce was named Miss Preteen Illinois Achievement.

Charlotte Overstreet was crowned the 2001 America's Brilliant Miss on June 24, 2001, in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Hazely Lopez, 17, of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, has been selected as a contestant at large to represent Puerto Rico at the Miss Teen Globe Pageant, which is to be held July 24-30, 2001, in Palm Springs, Calif.

Erikka Ross-Washington, 3, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, was crowned Miss Oklahoma Petite Princess on June 10, 2001, in Tulsa. She will be representing the state of Oklahoma in the National American Co-ed Pageant held in Florida in November 2001.

Joanne Smith of Arlington was crowned Miss Teen Georgia America on June 23, 2001. She was crowned by Pam Kennedy, the reigning Miss Georgia (America). The first runner-up was Andrea Poole of Buford, and the second runner-up was Jenna Stanford of Cordele. The third runner-up was Leh Massee of Fitzgerald, and the fourth runner-up was Julianne Stevens of Marietta.

The selection of Angie Bush of Idaho as winner of the Spirit of Junior Miss Award at the America's Junior Miss competition is the latest recognition of her state's friendly nature. In August 2000, Miss Idaho Teen USA, Shari Short, won the Miss Congeniality award at the Miss Teen USA Pageant. And in October 2000, Sarah O'Hara, Idaho's representative in the Miss Oktoberfest Pageant, won the Miss Gemuetlichkeit (Friendship) award.

On June 28, 2001, in Barstow, Calif., Emily Arnold voluntarily surrendered her crown as Miss Barstow. The 18-year-old decided to take the step after being caught in a prank outside a high school classmate's home. In May, as part of traditional high school mischief, she and friends "toilet-papered" another friend's home. Ms. Arnold wrote a few words in chalk on a car. When confronted by police, she admitted her involvement. Authorities filed no charges, saying her actions were not serious enough to be considered criminal vandalism. The chalk washed off easily, and what she wrote was neither intimidating nor obscene. But the scandal divided the town, and she gave up her crown to help put the controversy to rest.

Competing as Miss Appalachia, Danae DeMasi, 20, won the title of Miss West Virginia 2001 on June 23, 2001. She will represent the Mountain State in the Miss America Pageant. Ms. DeMasi, who won the title on her second attempt, performed a ballet en pointe for the talent competition and won a preliminary swimsuit award. Her platform will focus on literacy. The first runner-up was Miss Berkley County, Toni Rickard, and the second runner-up was Miss Mon Valley, Janna Kerns. The third runner-up was Miss Potomac Highlands, Sheri Grippo, and the fourth runner-up was Miss Eastern Panhandle, Jessica Stroech.

Adriana Patricia Riascos Lemos, representing the city of Buenaventura, was crowned Miss Valle on June 24, 2001. The professional model and accounting student will represent her state in the forthcoming Miss Colombia Pageant. She made headlines across South America for being the first black woman to win the state pageant in its 40-year history.

Amanda Buckelew of Winnfield was crowned Miss Pre-Teen Louisiana Achievement and Janna Lynne McGuay of Slidell was crowned Miss Teen Louisiana Achievement at the event's first-ever live coronation on June 23, 2001, in Alexandria. Ms. Buckelew was also chosen Louisiana Ambassador.

The Mrs. International Pageant has liberalized its eligibility rules slightly, allowing for more participants and making it more competitive. Contestants may now compete in and represent border states without residency provided they can prove they work, attend school, or own property in that state. The pageant also has reduced its minimum age from 26 to 21 (the upper limit of age 56 is unchanged), and the minimum length of marriage required has been reduced to six months.

Following are the contestants selected for the Mrs. United Nation 2001 competitions in July 2001. 

Mrs. United Nation International: Singapore - Vasanthi Giva; Poland - Diana Santoro; Netherlands - Colly Van Stiphout; Indonesia - Linda Utterback; England - Laura McCrae; South Africa - Zantie Swanepoel; India - Rani Khetarpal; Canada - Karen Banfield; Mexico - Penelope Ladron De Guevana; United Kingdom - Billye Fietz; Italy - Lisa Card; Colombia - Estela Vega Carreno; Germany - Sharon Kaiser-Carlos; Philippines - Maria Shircel; United States - Angela Gustaffson; Malaysia - Molly Yoshioka. 

Mrs. United Nation U.S. 2001: Arkansas - Pam Tipton; Maryland - Faith Rector-Russo; New Hampshire - Norieta Stephanos; Oregon - Robin Herrington; Montana - Terry Saenz; Arizona - Julia Guity; Oklahoma - Laura Bradford; Florida - Kristine Connell; Wyoming - Heidi Ritz-Stephens; Washington - Lena Battraw; New York - Stream Spencer; Idaho - Melinda Read; North Carolina - Lisa Card (not to be confused with Lisa Card in International competition); Wisconsin - Debra Dewitt; Kansas - Colleen Stewart; Utah - Amanda Borchert; Delaware - Annette D'Angelo; New Mexico - Angela Thompson; Tennessee - Bridget Jackson; California - Shana Graham; Connecticut - Maureen Courdert; South Carolina - Sheila Bailey; New Jersey - Debra Reyes; Georgia - Michelle Crifton; Pennsylvania - Tu Sofelkanik; Nevada - Anna Marie Van Nice; Colorado -Sharon Butler; Texas - Mo Lin-Jue; Louisiana - Monica Sireci.

Ashley House, 20, competing as Miss Lincoln County, was crowned Miss North Carolina on June 23, 2001, in Raleigh. She will represent the state in the Miss America Pageant. The first runner-up was Adrienne Perry, Miss Western Piedmont, and the second runner-up was Marie Neari, Miss Forsyth County. The third runner-up was Teresa Neill, Miss Statesville, and the fourth runner-up was Dana Reason, Miss Topsail Island.

Natasha Homenko, a 16-year-old Ukrainian model, has been chosen Miss ModaVista, the "most outstanding new face in editorial fashion modeling for Spring & Summer 2001." She is represented by the Priz Model Agency, and won in a competition over models scouted by more than 100 agencies.

The 2001 Global America Pageant was concluded June 23, 2001, in Columbia, S.C. Results are as follows: Winner of Jr. Miss Global America 2001, Kali Gardner of Minnesota; First runner-up, Alexis Kennedy, Southeastern North Carolina; Second runner-up, Nikki Childers, Miss Central North Carolina. Winner of Teen Miss Global America 2001, Valarie Kobrovsky of South Carolina; tied for First runner-up, Amanda Teven, Wisconsin, and Lindsay Taylor, Central South Carolina; Second runner-up, Kayce Simmons, Greater South Carolina; Third runner-up, Natalie Malcolm; Fourth runner-up, Danielle Buttrey, Southern North Carolina. Winner of Teen Miss Plus Global America 2001, Jenny Marie Haber of Florida; Tied for First runner-up, Whitney Chestnut, Eastern South Carolina, and Ashley Moody, Western Kentucky; Second Runner-up, Jessica King, Eastern Tennessee; Third runner-up, Freya Cole, Eastern Virginia. Winner of Miss Global America 2001, Tasha Binion of Tennessee; First runner-up, Tamara Wedell-Harvey, Central South Carolina; Second runner-up, Lisa Marie Weyh, Southern California; Third runner-up, Natasha Giles, Low Country South Carolina; Fourth runner-up, Julie Neal, Eastern Virginia. Winner of Ms. Global America 2001, Jill Rowland of South Carolina; First runner-up, Tina Arrington, District of Columbia; Second runner-up, Diana Santoro, Central Florida. Winner of Ms. Plus Global America, Lauren Brantley of Georgia; First runner-up, Gaundhi Hays, Northern Louisiana; Second runner-up, Deanna Oliver, South Florida; Third runner-up, Anna Warrick, Central North Carolina; Fourth runner-up, Su Parris, Southeast Region. Winner of Global America Mrs. 2001, Bea Gill of North Carolina; First runner-up, Lauren Brower, Central North Carolina; Second runner-up, Tonya Perkins, Low Country; Third runner-up, Kathleen McMahon, Eastern Massachusetts. Winner of Global America Mrs. Woman 2001, Laura Giordano of Georgia; First runner-up, Christy Passoth, Southern California; Second runner-up, Kelly Mayo, Greater Colorado; Third runner-up, Mayumi Cole, Eastern Virginia. Winner of Global America Woman 2001, Mary Walters-Swartzkopf of Nebraska; First runner-up, Jane McAllister, Northern Texas; Second runner-up, Debra Norman, Florida; Third runner-up, Cheryl Grobelny, Greater New Jersey. Winner of Global America Lady, Sue McMasters of Connecticut; Tied for First runner-up, Holly Teven of Wisconsin and Sheila Klein of Northern Texas.

Miss Berlin, Laura Margaret Herriot, 23, of Princeton, was named Miss Wisconsin 2001 in Oshkosh on June 23, 2001. She was crowned by outgoing Miss Wisconsin Joya Zamora of Kenosha. For the talent competition, she sang "In Your Arms," but did not win a preliminary during the week. She is the first Miss Berlin to be crowned Miss Wisconsin. (Pamela Polk of Berlin was crowned Miss Wisconsin 1995 but was Miss Southeastern Wisconsin when she won the state title.) Ms. Herriot is a UW-Madison dietetic and human resources graduate who will now advance to the Miss America Pageant on Sept. 22 in Atlantic City, N.J. The first runner-up was Miss Fox River Valley, Michelle Deno of Menasha, who assumed the local title this past winter after the original winner resigned due to an age disqualifier. Ms. Deno will have the opportunity to represent Wisconsin in the 2001 Miss National Sweetheart Pageant in Hoopeston, Ill., in September. Jayme Dawicki of New Berlin, Miss Eastern Shore, was the second runner-up, and Miss Green Bay Area, Tina Marie Sauerhammer of Green Bay, was the third runner-up. Miss La Crosse / Oktoberfest, Erin Schockmel, was the fourth runner-up.

Alicia Zuehlke, 23, was crowned Miss South Dakota on June 23, 2001. She will represent the state in the Miss America Pageant. The first runner-up was Jessica Lawrence, 23, and the second runner-up was Vanessa Short Bull, 22, a former Miss South Dakota USA. The third runner-up was Kyra Kover, 20, and the fourth runner-up was Sara Sever, 19. Miss Rapid City, Lani Anderson, 19, was chosen Miss Congeniality by her fellow contestants and was also a non-finalist talent award winner. Kelly Ann Kangley, 21, received the Miss America Award for academics. Miss South Dakota 2000, Nicole Nigg, was honored with a newly established award by the Miss America Organization. She was also honored by Red Cloud Indian School with a hand-made star quilt. The Ray Peterson production, which featured Mitchell Olson of "Survivor II" as a vocalist, won widespread praise.

Shannah Ernst was crowned Miss New York Achievement 2001 on June 23, 2001. Patricia Schwartz was crowned Ms. New York Achievement 2001. At the coronation dinner and reception, Mackenzie Powell, Miss Preteen New York Achievement 2000, and Ms. Ernst, in her role as Miss New Baltimore Achievement 2001, received President George Bush's Student Service Award and lapel pin for Community Service. Lilla Ference, Miss Southeastern New York Achievement; Melissa Gardner, Miss Queens County Achievement; and Ms. Ernst received awards certificates in the Who's Who Among Achievers Awards.

Stephanie Culberson, 21, competing as Miss Cleveland, won the Miss Tennessee crown on June 23, 2001, in Jackson. She will represent the Volunteer State in the Miss America Pageant in September. The first runner-up was Miss Chattanooga, Jamie Watkins, and the second runner-up was Brittney Eskew, Miss Tennessee Soybean Festival. The third runner-up was Ashley Brooks, Miss Middle Tennessee State University, and the fourth runner-up was Whitney Johnson, Miss West Tennessee.

Ligia Petit, Miss Venezuela, was crowned Miss Intercontinental in Coburg, Germany, on June 21, 2001. She succeeds Sabrina Schepmann of Germany. The first runner-up was Renata Janeckova, Miss Czech Republic, and the second runner-up was Flor Curet Veras, Miss Dominican Republic. Miss Ukraine, Veronika Bondarenko, was third runner-up, and Zara Razzaq, Miss Antigua and Barbuda, was fourth runner-up. It was the first time Antigua and Barbuda, a tiny Caribbean nation, had placed in any international beauty competition, according to Jimmy Steele, the Canadian-based scholar of pageant history.

Courtney Seay of Florala, Ala., was crowned Miss Rising Star on June 16, 2001, at the first annual Rising Star Pageant in DeFuniak Springs, Fla. The first runner-up was Ashley Weed of Dothan, Ala., and the second runner-up was Jessica Keith of Geneva, Ala. Leslie Registar of DeFuniak Springs was crowned Junior Miss Rising Star. Lindsey Sanders of DeFuniak Springs was first runner-up, and Tasha Pray of Geneva was second runner-up. Shala Cuchens of DeFuniak Springs was crowned Young Miss Rising Star. Rianna Flowers of Crestview, Fla., was first runner-up, and Casey Chopp of Crestview was second runner-up. Destiny Rogers of Cottonwood, Ala., was Little Miss Rising Star. The first runner-up was Magen Adams of Paxton, Fla., and the second runner-up was Reba Reese of Florala. Sierra Rogers of Cottonwood was Tiny Miss Rising Star. Caitlyn Cassidy of DeFuniak Springs was first runner-up, and Koddie McKelvy of Opp, Ala., was second runner-up. Kyndall Barber of Crestview was Toddler Miss Rising Star. The first runner-up was Madison Jennings of Geneva, and the second runner-up was Lexi Rogers of Cottonwood. Paige Howell of DeFuniak Springs was Baby Miss Rising Star. The first runner-up was Morgan Jennings of Geneva, and the second runner-up was Savanah Smith of Geneva. Lucas Howell of DeFuniak Springs was chosen Toddler Mister Rising Star.

Joleen Zanuzoski of Tacoma, Wash., has been crowned Teen Northwest Globe 2001, and will represent the Pacific Northwest at the Teen Globe of America Pageant in Palm Springs, Calif., in July 2001. Alicia Westbrook of Yakima, Wash., was crowned Teen Washington Globe 2001 at the same event and will also go on to nationals. The first runner-up was Shirley Delaney of Seattle.

Phyllis Owusu-Gyamfi, 18, of Dortmund, Germany, has been crowned Miss Arabella. She will represent the talk show "Arabella" in the Miss Germany Universe Pageant. The first runner-up was Jasmina Nissau, 17, of Wiesbaden, and the second runner-up was Nancy Sommer, 22, of Magdburg.

Denby Dung, 23, competing as Miss West Oahu, won the Miss Hawaii crown on June 15, 2001. She will represent the Aloha State at the Miss America Pageant. Ms. Dung's victory was overshadowed in most media by the onstage betrothal of Miss America, Angela Perez Baraquio.

Maria Fernanda Lopez has been stripped of her title as Miss Antioquia Province in Colombia for allegedly appearing in an underwear ad. The pageant contends that Ms. Lopez modeled a pair of panties, and her contract forbids any lingerie ads. She says the black garment she wore is used as outerwear and does not qualify as an undergarment. She is challenging the loss of her title.

Mandi Dolan has been crowned Miss Preteen Virginia Achievement 2001. At the same event, Sophia Minor was crowned Ms. Virginia Achievment 2001, and Deborah Berry was crowned Mrs. Virginia Achievement 2001.

Marie Browning of Brooks County was crowned the 62nd Miss Georgia Forestry State Scholarship Queen on June 16, 2001, at the Tift Theatre for the Performing Arts in Tifton. Leann Johnson of Pierce County was crowned Tiny Miss, and Amber Cowart of Wheeler County was crowned Junior Miss. Katy Sulhoff of Hall County was crowned Teen Miss, and Shelby Dedge of Lee County was crowned Miss Hospitality. The event is the oldest scholarship pageant in Georgia.

Natalie Elizabeth Witwer, 19, of Dublin, Ohio, was crowned Miss Ohio on June 16, 2001. Bianca Gibson of Columbus was first runner-up.

Kati Guyton was crowned Miss Louisiana 2001 on June 16, 2001, in Monroe. The 23-year-old student was competing as Miss Watermelon Festival. She will represent the state in the Miss America Pageant. Casey Crowder, Miss Shreveport, who won the evening gown and swimsuit competitions, was first runner-up. The second-runner up was Melissa Clark, Miss Dixie Gem Peach. Miss Louisiana Stockshow, Kelly Fontenot, was third runner-up, and Ari Ellerbe, Miss Holiday in Dixie, was fourth runner-up.

Kelly Jones, 24, competing as Miss Homewood Area, won the Miss Alabama crown on June 16, 2001. She was a preliminary swimsuit and talent winner, and will represent her state in the Miss America Pageant. The first runner-up was Britney Colagross, 22, Miss Tennessee Valley, and the second runner-up was Tiffany Thronson, 23, Miss Jubilee. The third runner-up was Deidre Downs, 20, Miss Colonial Mall. The fourth runner-up was Kelley Brown, 22, Miss Painted Rock.

Meaghan Ames of East Haven, Conn., was crowned Miss Preteen Connecticut Achievement 2001 on June 16, 2001, in Danbury. Darcie Galanti of Wolcott was crowned Miss Connecticut Achievement 2001. The Director's Overall Excellence Award went to the reigning queen, Melissa Marchionna, Miss Teen Connecticut Achievement 2000. The Overall Talent Excellence Award went to Ms. Galanti, and the Overall Academic Excellence Award went to Ms. Ames.

Anna Rigon of Vicenza was named The Miss for Miss Universe 2002 on June 15, 2001. This pageant is the Italian preliminary for Miss Universe.

Giselle Garcés Aljure, Miss Colombia, was crowned Miss Mesoamérica International in Houston on June 6, 2001. The first runner-up was Francine Eickemberg, Miss Brazil, who is also the reigning International Queen of Coffee, and the second runner-up was Evelyn Mikomagi, Miss Estonia, a semi-finalist in last year's Miss Universe Pageant. Ligia Cristina Argüello, Miss Nicaragua was named Miss Photogenic, and Keyla Ruiz, Miss Honduras, won the Best National Costume prize. Stefania Maria, Miss Italy, won the Miss Elegance Prize, and Miss Congeniality was Miss Bahamas, Nakera Simms.

Dimitra Alexandra, representing Greece, won the Miss Islands of the World Pageant on Jeju Island, South Korea, on June 2, 2001. The pageant was held as part of the World Festival for Island Cultures, and featured diverse entries from the South Pacific, Asia and Europe.

Rema Sajeev won the Mrs. Singapore World 2001 title on June 15, 2001, at the Neptune Theatre in Singapore. Vasanthi Giva won the Mrs. Singapore United Nation 2001 crown, and Dawn Alison de Mello was crowned Mrs Singapore Globe 2001. Florence Christina Neo was chosen Mrs. Singapore International 2001. The first runner-up at the pageant was Grace Cheong, and the second runner-up was Jess Soh. A new category introduced this year was Senior Mrs. Singapore 2001, and the winner was Bian Mui Eng. The first runner-up was Loretta Regina Aroozoo, and the second runner-up was Nellie Koh.

Autumn Skye Port has become the first titleholder in Coronation, Inc.'s new international pageant, Miss Galaxy. She is the new Miss Virginia Galaxy. She will compete for the title of Miss Galaxy in summer 2002 in Akron, Ohio. The Galaxy Pageant is described by its director (and reigning Mrs. Galaxy), Dr. Lori Sikorszky, as "a very traditional beauty pageant." It has three age divisions Miss Teen Galaxy (13-18), Miss Galaxy (19-older, single), and Mrs. Galaxy (19-older, married). The categories are gown, swimsuit, interview and photogenic.

Nikki Murray, the reigning Miss Louisiana Achievement in the Miss American Achievement system, has founded her own online pageant, Miss Shining Star & Pageant Mom. She describes the pageant as having been created "with everyone in mind," and it has eight divisions. Details are at her Web site ShiningStarPageant.tripod.com.

Rachel Rudy, Miss Buena Vista County Teen, was crowned Miss 2001 Iowa Teen on June 9, 2001, in Sioux City. She will compete for the title of Miss United States Teen in July. The first runner-up, Contestants' Choice and swimsuit winner was Brigitte Lowry. The second runner-up was Kristen Wermersen, and the Spirit winner was Sarah Clark.

Marta Strzyzewski was crowned Miss New Mexico 2001 on June 9, 2001, in Alamogordo. The Roswell resident and native of Poland will represent the Land of Enchantment in the Miss America Pageant. Ms. Strzyzewski is the second consecutive Miss New Mexico to be from Roswell. Martha Cobb was the 2000 winner.

Abbie Lynn Rabine, 22, was crowned Miss Massachusetts (America) 2001 on June 9, 2001, in Fall River. She will represent the state in the Miss America Pageant.

Christina Foehlinger was crowned Miss Nebraska 2001 on June 9, 2001. She will represent the state in the Miss America Pageant. The first runner-up was Jane Noseworthy, and the second runner-up was Brandi Petersen. The third runner-up was Wendy Koch, and the fourth runner-up was Brook Matthews.

Competing as Mrs. Lee County, Shannon Zetterlund, 35, was crowned Mrs. Iowa 2001 on June 9, 2001. She was also chosen Mrs. Congeniality. It was, overall, a remarkable performance for a woman taking part in her first pageant. Joan Trout, Mrs. Polk County, was first runner-up, and Heather Hulen, Mrs. Warren County, was second runner-up. Mrs. Hulen was also honored for best state costume. Tina Ellis, Mrs. Benton County, was Mrs. Photogenic. Barb Gardner, Mrs. Wright County, won the Director's Award. Tonya Christensen, Mrs. Sioux City, was honored for most ticket sales.

Stephanie Richards was crowned Miss Teen California Achievement on June 10, 2001. Gloria Amador was chosen Miss California Achievement, and Lisa Marie Weyh was crowned Ms. California Achievement, as well as being a scrapbook winner. Eva Marie Mason was crowned Mrs. California Achievement, and was a scrapbook winner. Harmony Wheeler was the Miss Teen scrapbook winner, and Jessica Reed was the Miss scrapbook winner. Jessica Reed won the Community Service award.

Devon Kehler has been chosen Miss Teen Maryland Achievement. Morgan Thomas was chosen Miss Preteen Maryland Achievement.

Melanie Crockard of Pittsburgh was crowned Mrs. Pennsylvania United States 2001 on June 9, 2001, in Greensburg. She also won the interview award and tied for the fitness award. The first runner-up was Kandace Getsy, who also tied for the fitness award, and the second runner-up was Lorie Kimmel, the civic award and Congeniality winner. Patricia Gabriel-Marchello won the People's Choice award, and Mechelle Poling was voted most Photogenic.

Kaci Hundley, 21, of Enid, competing as Miss State Fair of Oklahoma, won the Miss Oklahoma title on June 9, 2001, in Tulsa. She will represent the state in the Miss America Pageant.

Patti Rosenberg, Mrs. Gilbert, captured the title of Mrs. Arizona America 2001 on June 9, 2001. She was first runner-up the previous year. She plans to use the title to promote volunteerism throughout Arizona. She also won the Photogenic award. The first runner-up and swimsuit winner was Rackel Chamberlain, Mrs. Mountain Park Ranch, and the second runner-up was Evonne Forman, Mrs. East Valley. The third runner-up was Marisa Benincasa, Mrs. Valley of the Sun, and the fourth runner-up and winner of the Director's Award was Lisa Molina, Mrs. Mesa. The Jeannie Schmitz Award for congeniality was presented to Kimberley Plant, Mrs. Show Low.

Nakia Chanel Boyd of Cocoa was crowned Miss Teen Florida Achievement on June 2, 2001, in Clearwater. Melinda Desir'ee Frye of Tallahassee was crowned Miss Florida Achievement. Shawn Cunningham of Naples was crowned Ms. Florida Achievement, and Venus Maria Day of Daytona Beach was crowned Mrs. Florida Achievement. It was the first live coronation of the Florida Achievement pageant.

Ruth Shilts of North Bend, Ore., has been chosen as the Classic Ms. Worldwide. She is a mother of nine, a grandmother of 23 and a great-grandmother. She is also a devout Pentecostal Christian who won praise for looking beautiful while disdaining makeup.

The Miss America Pageant, which continues to struggle with declining TV ratings, has replaced its producer. Bob Bain, who has produced numerous TV awards shows in recent years, is taking the place of Jeff Margolis, who expressed surprise at the move. The organization reportedly will continue to try to move away from a beauty pageant image. It's a strategy that some consider risky.

Rosalyn Menon of Hazleton won the Miss Pennsylvania title on June 2, 2001. She competed as Miss Three Rivers, and now will go on to represent the Keystone State in the Miss America Pageant. Melissa Wills was first runner-up, and Kate Wilson was second runner-up. Autumn Marisa was third runner-up, and Kira Delgado was fourth runner-up.

Laura Bradford has been crowned Mrs. Oklahoma United Nation, and will represent her state at the Mrs. United Nation Pageant in July 2001 in Palm Springs, Calif.

The Worldwide pageant system, which already features pageants in teen through various Ms. categories, is adding a "Classic Ms" category for women 55 or older. In its announcement, the pageant said the action is being taken "in keeping with modern times."

Mrs. Cherry Hill, Debra Reyes, won the 2001 Mrs. New Jersey United Nation title on June 3, 2001, in Princeton. The first runner-up was Anne Adams, Mrs. Somerset, and the second runner-up was Jane Ogg, Mrs. Mays Landing. The third runner-up was Sandra Kickey, Mrs. Secaucus, and the fourth runner-up was Linda Witzal, Mrs. Ironia.

Mrs. Westmoreland, Tu Sofelkanik, won the first annual Mrs. Pennsylvania United Nation Pageant on June 3, 2001. The first runner-up was Lorie Singer, Mrs. Greater Johnstown, and the second runner-up was Karen Hauck, Mrs. West Lawn. The third runner-up was Lynn Ingelsby, Mrs. Holland.

Miss New Liskeard, Sherri Kidd, 17, won the title of Miss Northern Ontario on June 2, 2001, in Sudbury, Ontario. The pageant is one of the longest-running in Canada and a much-loved tradition.

Lindy Christopher, 18, of Indiana has won the Louisville regional Hooters bikini competition. She will be in the international competition in Las Vegas in late June and early July 2001. She was Ms. Petite Teen Universal 2000.

Cassandra Johnson won the 2001 Miss South Dakota Teen competition on May 26, 2001 in Sioux Falls. Ms. Johnson, 15, will represent South Dakota at the Miss United States Teen competition in Orlando in July. The first runner-up was Candice Smith of Parker, and the second runner-up was Catharine Jamie Breuer of Sioux Falls. The third runner-up was Kristin Poppens, and the fourth runner-up was Molly Ball. Both are from Sioux Falls.

Tobias Rentsch, 23, of Bern was chosen Mister Switzerland 2001 on May 26, 2001. The first runner-up was Peter Rechtorik, and the second runner-up was Marco Hirsiger.

Min-gyung Kim of Seoul has been crowned Miss Korea Universe. Hyunjin Seo of Daegu was crowned Miss Korea World. Myunghee Bek of Seoul was chosen Miss Korea International. The fourth runner-up was Younmi Go of Los Angeles, and the fifth runner-up was Jihe Kim of Seoul. The sixth runner-up was Aleum Jung of Seoul, and the seventh runner-up was Jiwon Han of Los Angeles.

Laura Flinn Baechtel of California has been awarded the Mrs. Universal Professional Woman 2001 title. She will spend her year helping others with anxiety disorders and will compete for the Ms. Professional Woman International title in October.

Alisha Manley of Dayton was crowned Mrs. Ohio United States on May 20, 2001, in Akron. She will compete for the title of Mrs. United States.

Angie Lawney, a junior at La Porte (Texas) High School, was crowned Miss Sylvan Beach 2001 on April 28, 2001. She was Junior Miss Sylvan Beach in 1999. The first runner-up was Jessica Boone (the outgoing Junior Miss Sylvan Beach 2000). The second runner-up was Ashley McDorman, and the third runner-up was Cristalynn Madison. Tying for fourth runner-up were Amber Strum and Ashley Holland. Ms. Lawney won the Contestants' Choice Award, and Ms. Holland won the Directors' Award. Jessica Brodie won Miss Congeniality, and Crystal Billingsley won Miss Photogenic. Jessica Hennessy, a sophomore at La Porte High School, was crowned Junior Miss Sylvan Beach 2001. The first runner-up was Shelby Cummings, and the second runner-up was Sharlene Anchick. The third runner-up was Amber Eng, and the fourth runner-up was Courtney Baker. This was the 45th staging of the pageant, sponsored by the La Porte-Bayshore Chamber of Commerce.

Joanna Treviño, first runner-up to Denise Quiñones at Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2001, will be crowned Miss Puerto Rico on May 30, 2001. The reason, of course, is that Ms. Quiñones has become Miss Universe.

MTV is seeking beauty queens 12 and over to follow around with cameras for its "True Life" series. The program is described as a "positive" look at pageants. Hopefuls are being asked to e-mail Brett.Levner@mtvstaff.com

Former PNB cover girl Elizabeth Nicholson was crowned Miss Southwest Louisiana USA on May 19, 2001. She will compete in the Miss Louisiana USA 2002 Pageant on November. Last year, representing New Orleans, she was fourth runner-up to Miss Louisiana USA 2001.

Karen Nicholas of Tallahassee won the Mrs. Florida America title on May 20, 2001, in Orlando. She also won in the individual categories of evening gown, swimsuit and interview. Mrs. Nicholas, a college mentor, doctoral candidate, glamorous wife and mother, will represent the Sunshine State in the Mrs. America Pageant. It was the 25th staging of the state pageant.

Following are the winners of the sixth annual Miss Marietta Pageant, held May 20, 2001, in Marietta, Ga.: Baby Miss - Sydney Palmer; Toddler Miss - Payton Griffin; Teeny Miss - Kelsey Gravley; Tiny Miss - Summer Price; Little Miss - Alexis Caldwell; Junior Miss - Addie Hampton; Teen Miss - Donna Miller; Miss Marietta - Britney Wix; Ms. Marietta - Andrea Phillips. The mistress of ceremonies was Jana Mathena, Miss Cobb County.

Michelle Heitha was crowned Miss Namibia on May 18, 2001. She will compete at Miss World 2001 and Miss Universe 2002. The first runner-up was Celeste Hough, and the second runner-up was Jeimo Jason.

Geraldine Woodford, 21, was crowned Miss Bern on May 19, 2001. She will compete for the title of Miss Switzerland 2001 in September.

C. Denise Anderson of Detroit has been crowned Ms. Elite Southeastern Michigan 2001. She was also Ms. Congeniality. She will compete in the East Coast Beauty Pageant in August 2001.

Carri Perrier, 18, of Bartlesville was crowned Miss Oklahoma National Teen-Ager 2001 on May 12, 2001, in Oklahoma City. The first runner-up was Lacy Davis, and the second runner-up was Kristin Basler. The third runner-up was Maggie Hill, and the fourth runner-up was Jessica Eckert. Beth Scales, 14, of Edmond was crowned Miss Oklahoma Junior National Teen-Ager. The first runner-up was Jennica Kinney, and the second runner-up was Jaclynn Ranallo. The third runner-up was Rachel Paxton, and the fourth runner-up was Danielle Dunn. In addition to numerous prizes, both will compete in the Miss National Teen-Ager Pageant in July 2001 in Nashville.

Maria Beall, a former PNB cover girl, has been crowned Ms. Virginia American United States Woman. Autumn Smiley was crowned Ms. Virginia, and Divya Singh was crowned Ms. Virginia Teen. Ms. Beall won the Community Service award. Ronda Howdyshell won the Photogenic award. The Pageantry spirit award went to Kristy Sutton, a former Mrs. Virginia America, who was first runner-up in the Woman division. The Congeniality award went to Jamie Stump, who was first runner-up in the Teen division. The new queens will compete in Florida in July.

The delay in the execution of convicted terror bomber Timothy McVeigh has created concerns about a conflict with the Miss Indiana (America) Pageant. McVeigh is to die by lethal injection in Terre Haute, which is also the home of the pageant, and the event will attract thousands of media members, security officers and activists. He originally had been scheduled for execution May 16, 2001, but the discovery of problems with evidence in his case caused a postponement until June 11. This will coincide with early pageant events, and some fear that the combination could pose a logistical nightmare in Terre Haute, a small city. The Miss Indiana finals are set for June 16. It is possible that other execution postponements lie ahead, depending on how the legal issues are resolved.

Rachel Coaquira, 18, of Burlingame, Calif., won the Miss California United States Teen title on May 12, 2001, in Monrovia. She also won Miss Congeniality, and will represent the Golden State at the Miss United States Teen Pageant in Orlando, Fla., in July. The first runner-up was Sheila Mogadam, 16. The second runner-up was Laura Manley, 16. PNB extends special thanks to Dana Rosengard, who was the master of ceremonies at the pageant and co-produced it with Don Campbell.

Renee Vause, Mrs. Tulsa, was crowned Mrs. Oklahoma America on May 5, 2001, in Tulsa. The first runner-up was Christie Youngblood, Mrs. Oklahoma City, and the second runner-up was Jayne Huven, Mrs. Green County. The third runner-up was Lanea Haney, Mrs. Northeastern Oklahoma, and the fourth runner-up was Lavonne Pylate, Mrs. Broken Arrow.

Leslie Stevenson, Mrs. Spokane, was crowned Mrs. Washington International on May 5, 2001, in Spokane. She was also Mrs. Congeniality and winner of the Community Service award. She will represent the state in the Mrs. International Pageant in August 2001. The first runner-up was Tracie Meidl, Mrs. Nine Mile Falls, who also won the Physical Fitness and Promotions awards. The second runner-up was Julie Knowles, Mrs. Chelan. Jessica Lee Bodega, Mrs. Mulkiteo, was the Photogenic winner. Kristen Whitener, Mrs. Skagit Valley, won the Director's Award. The pageant was hosted by local television personality Mark Peterson. The director is Cari Bickley, who was Mrs. Washington International 1997. Also in attendance were several other former Mrs. Washington Internationals - 1988's Connie Wagner, 1989's Joyce Johnston, 1991's Leslie Larsen, 1995's Jane Thomas and 1998's Leslie Bereiter.

The following are the results of state preliminary competitions for the national Ms. American United States Pageant held annually in Orlando. The pageant has three age divisions, Teen (13-19), Ms. (20-29) and Ms. Woman (30 and up). New Jersey (pageant held April 21, 2001): Angela Carlo - Ms. New Jersey American United States Teen; Karen McMillan-Guerra - Ms. New Jersey American United States; Norieta Stephanos - Ms. New Jersey American United States Woman. Pennsylvania (pageant held April 21, 2001): Brittny Sparrow - Ms. Pennsylvania American United States Teen; Alicia Noble - Ms. Pennsylvania American United States; Caryn Cavallaro - Ms. Pennsylvania American United States Woman. Illinois (pageant held May 6, 2001): Nicole Suydam - Ms. Illinois American United States Teen; Cheraet Karr - Ms. Illinois American United States; Robin Khayat - Ms. Illinois American United States Woman.

Mo-Lin Ju, Mrs. Spring, has been crowned Mrs. Texas United Nation. The first runner-up was Amanda Zimmerman, Mrs. Corpus Christi, who also won the Evening Gown and Contestants' Choice awards. The second runner-up was Karen Schultz, Mrs. Brazos Valley, who also won Best Interview and People's Choice and tied for Congeniality. The third runner-up was Michele Berger, Mrs. Bryan, who also tied for Mrs. Congeniality, and the fourth runner-up was Kristi Lowery, Mrs. Houston, who was Mrs. Photogenic.

Dawood Al Jaff, 29, of Kurdistan won the third annual Mr. Iraq Pageant on May 8, 2001, in Baghdad. Antonio Angelillo, 30, of Kut was first runner-up, and Rosario Palumbo, 30, of Baghdad was second runner-up. Mr. Photogenic was Nebojsa Urlan, 29, of Nimrod, and Mr. Congeniality was Mahir Zorlak, 28, of Baghdad. Mr. Elegance was Mr. Angelillo. The Most Attractive award went to Mr. Palumbo.

Ashley Buckman was crowned Miss Mississippi Teen USA on May 5, 2001, in Cleveland, Miss. She will represent the state in the Miss Teen USA Pageant. Grace Gore was first runner-up, and Lauren Chancellor was second runner-up. The third runner-up was Colby Willis, and the fourth runner-up was Devra Smith.

Carla Renee White, 17, was crowned Miss Hell Hole on May 6, 2001, in Berkeley County, S.C. The title comes from the nearby Hell Hole Swamp. She will represent the community in the Myrtle Beach Sun Fun Festival.

Carly Hobbs was crowned Kentucky Southern Teen and DeEtta Taylor was crowned Miss Bluegrass Teen at the end of April 2001. Both will compete for the title of America's Southern Teen in summer 2001. They won their right to compete at the nationals after being named runners-up in the Miss 2001 Kentucky Teen United States competition. The state competition selects up to four different young women to compete in national competitions throughout the year.

Tiffany Schrorer, Teen Jackson County and recently first runner-up to Teen Indiana Globe 2001, has been selected as Indiana Southern Teen. She will advance to the America's Southern Teen Competition.

People magazine has chosen new U.S. first lady Laura Bush as one of its "50 Most Beautiful People in the World." This is a rare honor for a president's wife. Another person who made the list was actress and former beauty queen Halle Berry.

Kimberly Erickson-Nichols of West Salem was crowned Mrs. Wisconsin America on April 29, 2001, in Milwaukee. The first runner-up was Julie Day, and the second runner-up was Kerry Palmer. The third runner-up was Connie Kemmel, and the fourth runner-up was Tamara Jankowski. Carol Bahrke was Mrs. Congeniality, and was also honored as Mrs. Wisconsin Woman. Melanie Klais was Mrs. Photogenic, and Deann Lehner was the Physical Fitness winner. Carol Holiday was honored for organization, and Pam Ebel for community service. Brian Klais, husband of Melanie Klais, was Husband of the Year.

Megan Black was crowned Miss New Jersey United States Teen on the last weekend of April 2001 in Cherry Hill.

Following are the results of the state preliminaries for New York and Connecticut for the Ms. American United States Pageant, held April 29, 2001, in Stamford: Ms. Connecticut American United States Teen - Kristi Lyn Rizzo; first runner-up, Tiffany Lockwood. Ms. Connecticut American United States - Melanie Mudry; first runner-up - Courtney Edwards. Ms. Connecticut American United States Woman - Tracy Forbes; first runner-up - Kimberly White. Ms. New York American United States Teen - Kerry Lynn Hanley; first runner-up - Allison High. Ms. New York American United States - Jill Nicolini; first runner-up - Jennifer Rinaldi. Ms. New York American United States Woman - Karen Donaldson; first runner-up - Paula Cerone.

The following titleholders have been chosen for the Ms. US and Ms. World International Beauty Competition: Ruby Berry, Ms. USMC Spirit; Coco Fleming, Ms. Vista; Marvel Gardner, Classic Ms. Washington; Sharon Johnson, Ms. Elk Grove; Karen Kaplan, Ms. Chino Hills; Pauwilo Look, Ms. US; Sharyn Milam, Ms. Lake Arrowhead; Shelly Munoz, Ms. California; Pamela Palmer, Classic Ms. Pennsylvania; Martha Redfearn, Ms. Oktoberfest; Maria Shircel, Ms. Philippines; Velina Threet, Ms. Kentucky. The pageant is scheduled for October 2001 in San Marcos, Calif.

Following are the results for the Global America US Pageant, held on the Internet, and for the first time: Teen Miss Global America US - Crystal Howard. Miss Global America US - Lottie Holman; first runner-up; first runner-up - Nelly Amador; second runner-up - Melissa Sellers. Ms. Global America US - Julie Smith; first runner-up - Maria Beall. Mrs. Global America US - Debbie Goldstein. Global America US Woman - DeDe Howard. Ms. Plus Global America US - Danielle Christensen. Ms. Global America US Ambassador - Jenifer Goering-Conner. Miss Global US - Gloria Amador; first runner-up - Jennifer Goering-Conner. Ms. Global US - Julie Smith. Mrs. Global US - Maria Beall. Global US Woman - Janice Whitaker; first runner-up - DeDe Howard. Ms. Plus Global US - Nikki Murray. Ms. Global US Ambassador - Jenifer Fortin.

On the last weekend of April 2001, in Columbus, Ind., Heather Stam of Seymour was crowned Miss Indiana United States Teen. It was the first holding of the pageant. Ms. Stam, 18, will compete for the title of Miss United States Teen in Orlando. The first runner-up was Jessica Karshner, 15, also of Seymour, and the second runner-up was Jenessa Wainwright, 18, of Wolcottville. Ms. Stam was the Talent winner and Delegates' Choice winner, and Rachel Yoder was the Photogenic winner.

Kristen Brockman, 18, has won the Miss 2001 Kentucky Teen Pageant, and will compete in Orlando for the title of Miss United States Teen. She also received the Director’s Award, Photogenic Award, Contestants' Choice Award, Platform Award, and Swimsuit Award. The first runner-up was Carly Hobbs, who tied for the Style Award, and the second runner-up was Ashley Leslie, who was the winner of the Evening Gown Award. Other finalists included Kimberlii Vereen, DeEtta Taylor, Tiffany Reed and Candise Roy.

Stephanie Wells, Mrs. Hamilton County, won the title of Mrs. Indiana Globe, on April 29, 2001, in Indianapolis. She will represent the Hoosier State at this summer's Mrs. US Globe Contest in Palm Springs, Calif. Her sister, Shannon Martin, Mrs. Wisconsin Globe 2000, was a semi-finalist at last year's Mrs. US. The first runner-up was Katie Thomas, Mrs. Vanderbough County, and the second runner-up was Danielle Vale, Mrs. Valparaiso. In a related event, Elizabeth South, Teen Johnson County, was crowned as the new Teen Indiana Globe. She will compete for the national title of Teen Globe of America. The first runner-up was Tiffany Schroer, Teen Jackson County, and the second runner-up was Elizabeth Jones, Teen Switzerland County. The third runner-up was Erica Becchino, Teen Munster, and the fourth runner-up was Kerry Dowd, Teen Indianapolis. Tashina Katsigar, a former Miss Indiana Teen USA, was crowned Miss Model of Indiana. She will compete for the national title of Miss Model of the USA. Runners-up included Christy Sovern, Laci Doughty and Kimberly Engle.

Two Incline Village High School students were crowned Miss Latina Nevada and Miss Teen Latina during the first annual Miss Latina Pageant in Reno on April 28, 2001. Ana Claudia, 18, a native of Brazil and a senior at the school, was crowned Miss Latina Nevada. The first runner-up was Mariaelena Benitez, 21, a student at the University of Nevada-Reno. Gabriela Doriga, 17, a native of Bolivia and a junior at the school, was crowned Miss Teen Latina. Battle Mountain High School student Alma Rodriguez, 17, was the first runner-up.

Megan Huffman-Dofflemyer, 23, of Elkton was crowned Mrs. Virginia United States on April 27, 2001. In July, she will represent Virginia at the Mrs. United States Pageant in Las Vegas.

Katherine Pike, 23, a graduate of Wagner College, was crowned Miss New Hampshire (America) on April 27, 2001, in Manchester. She will represent the Granite State in the Miss America Pageant. For her talent, she sang "Colors of the Wind" from the film "Pocahontas." She also won the Miss Congeniality award. The first runner-up was Alyssa Spellman, and the second runner-up was Audra Paquette. The third runner-up was Alissa Roberge, and the fourth runner-up was Candice Glickman. PNB extends special thanks to Dana Rosengard, master of ceremonies of this and many other pageants of renown.

Ronna Haskins, Mrs. Clark County, was crowned Mrs. Kentucky Globe 2001, on April 21, 2001. The runners-up were Jeri Benzel, Mrs. Louisville; Rhonda Arena, Mrs. Whitley County; and Debrah Weston, Mrs. Jefferson County. Kristen Johnson was crowned Miss Model of Kentucky. Ms. Johnson, who was second runner-up to Miss Teen USA 2000, will compete in Palm Springs, Calif. for the title of Miss Model of the USA. The first runner-up was Jennifer Brandon. Ashley Leslie was crowned Miss Teen Kentucky Globe, hoping to repeat the success of her predecessors at the National Teen Globe of America Pageant. Kelly Sodan, Teen Kentucky Globe 1999, won the National and International Teen Globe titles in 1999. Jessica Carter, Teen Kentucky Globe 2000, won the National Teen Globe of America title and will represent the United States in the International Teen Globe Pageant in summer 2001.

Carlene Aguilar, 19, a university student, was crowned the first ever Miss Philippines 2001 (Earth) on April 28, 2001. She will represent the country in the first staging of the Miss Earth Pageant, to be hosted by Manila, Philippines on Nov. 17. The first runner-up was Maria Del Carmen Antigua, and the second runner-up was Anjelly Gamboa. The third runner-up was Marites Orjalesa, and the fourth runner-up was Gemma Gatdula.

Lindsay Smith of Gilroy, Calif., was crowned Miss Gilroy Garlic Festival on April 21, 2001. Gilroy is famed as the garlic capital of the world.

Stacey Cooper, a 39-year-old mother of four, has been crowned Mrs. Globe 2001. Mrs. Cooper, who recently returned to modeling after years of focusing on raising a family, was the oldest contestant in the pageant. She also received the Contestants' Choice Award. The pageant will air as a Mother's Day special on the International Channel.

The entertainment media have been captivated by "rumors" that Miss France, Elodie Gossuin, is a former male. The rumors are untrue and have been publicized mostly in a humorous context. But there is a widespread perception that this is the first of many publicity gimmicks that will surround the 2001 Miss Universe Pageant. Pageants and other entertainment extravaganzas have had generally weak TV viewership in 2001, and some analysts blame the downturn on a lack of promotion.

Jennifer D'Ambrosio, 21, was crowned Miss Rhode Island 2001 on April 21, 2001. She will represent the nation's smallest state in the Miss America Pageant. The Providence College junior is a native of Westport, Mass., and is the third consecutive winner whose background is out-of-state. (Her immediate predecessor, Jennifer Saint Laurent, was originally from Massachusetts, and Karen Lindsay, who won the year before that and went on to be a Miss America preliminary swimsuit winner, was from Pleasant Grove, Utah.) Ms. D'Ambrosio is a political science major who was a semifinalist in the previous year's Rhode Island pageant. Her platform is advocating children's literacy. The first runner-up and preliminary swimsuit winner was Alana Iantuano, 20. She was in the Top 10 the previous year and now has the opportunity to represent Rhode Island in the 2001 Miss National Sweetheart Pageant in September in Hoopeston, Ill. Dana Damiani, 24, was second runner-up and the interview winner. She had been the first runner-up the previous two years and had been third runner-up in 1998. She is a former Miss Junior Rhode Island. Jean Ann Douglas, a newcomer to pageants, was third runner-up. The fourth runner-up was Megan Peters, another pageant rookie.

Two American twin sisters on their way to a modeling competition in China were removed from a United Airlines flight on April 20, 2001, and charged with creating a violent disruption on the plane. Cynthia and Crystal Mikula, 22, of Buckley, Mich., were arrested and charged in Anchorage, Alaska, after the flight was diverted there. According to the felony complaint, the two sisters fought each other and then resisted crew members' attempts to restrain them, causing minor injuries.

Dr. Lori Sikorszky, a prominent professional in the fields of mental health and pageantry, has attained the title of Mrs. Galaxy 2001.

Sarah Shaheen, 18, was crowned Miss Egypt (Universe) 2001 on April 18, 2001. The political science student, reported to be related to the former Egyptian royal family, will compete at Miss Universe 2001. The first runner-up was Sally Shaheen (no relation), and the second runner-up was Heba Farrag.

The Georgia Teen Globe Pageant, scheduled for April 20-22, 2001, has been canceled. Further information will be announced soon. This does not affect other Georgia Globe pageants scheduled for 2001.

Maricar Balagtas, 23, the reigning Miss Binibining Pilipinas Globe, has been crowned Miss Globe International in Istanbul, Turkey. She is the first woman from the Philippines and the first Asian to win this competition, which in the past has been dominated by Europeans.

Reports that Miss Israel, Ilanit Levy, will wear a "bulletproof vest" at the Miss Universe Pageant have created a media sensation. Actually, her military-inspired gown, by designer Galit Levi, is more of a sociopolitical fashion statement than a security measure. It reflects the recent violence that has brought a more somber mood to Israel after a few years of intense optimism about peace.

Ana Urbano, 33, of Pembroke Pines, Fla., was crowned America's Ms. Florida Woman of the Year 2001 on April 14, 2001.

Valerie Ogilvie was crowned Miss Houston USA 2001 on April 14, 2001, in Houston, Texas. She is the sister of Heather Ogilvie, Miss Texas USA 2000. The first runner-up and swimsuit winner was Jessica Guzman. The second runner-up was Andrea Shuler, and the third runner-up was Ruth Shoulders. The fourth runner-up was Katherine Box. Christie Cole was Miss Congeniality and the Photogenic winner. Lindsey Harvey was crowned Miss Houston Teen USA. She was also selected as evening gown winner. The first runner-up and Photogenic winner was Ashley Doughtie, and the second runner-up was Bria Wall. The third runner-up was Nicole Rogers, and the fourth runner-up was Jennifer Mucka. Angie Lawney was the teen Swimsuit winner. There was a tie for Miss Congeniality in the Teen division between Janel Chitty and Angelina Galfione. Angie Sisk Dhanes, Miss Houston USA 1990 and Miss Texas USA 1993, and Katherine Perello, Miss Texas Teen USA 2001 served as host and co-host for the pageant. Christie Lee Woods, Miss Houston Teen USA 1995 and Miss Teen USA 1996, served as judge in the Teen division. The Miss Houston USA Pageant celebrated its 20th anniversary with a special video of the past 20 crowning moments, and several former Miss Houston USAs were in attendance. Ms. Ogilvie will compete in Lubbock, Texas, at Miss Texas USA in July. Ms. Harvey will compete in Houston at Miss Texas Teen USA in November.

The revamped Resaca Beach Poster Girl Contest will have the the them of "Babes, Bikers, Bands and Beer!" Pageant founder Dan Bowen tells PNB that there will be a bike show at each event. There also will be two preliminary competitions, and 13 winners will appear on a biker/babe calendar for 2002.

Ritchie Lin, 19, was crowned Mr. Joven Singapore (Mr. Young Singapore) on April 12, 2001. He will compete at the Mr. Joven International Pageant in Singapore in November 2001. Leon Williams, 24, a professional model, won the Hombre Singapore (International Man Singapore) title. He will represent Singapore at the 2001 Hombre Internacional Pageant in Puerto Rico in July 2001. Allen Ooi, 19, a medical undergraduate, was runner-up and will represent Singapore at the 2001 Mr. Continents Pageant in Aruba in September 2001. Glenn Lim, 21, and Royce Ng, 18, were the other finalists. Former Miss Universe Brook Lee was among those on hand.

The following have been chosen to compete in the 2002 Mrs. All American Pageant: Mrs. Florida - Diana Santoro; Mrs. Indiana - Pamela Muench; Mrs. Ohio - Kim Vedegys; Mrs. Oklahoma - Susan Blount. The following have been selected to compete in the 2001 All American National Finals in September 2001: Ms. Alabama Woman - Pamela Brinson; Ms. Georgia Woman - Laura Giordano; Ms. Alaska Woman Plus - Darla Evans; Ms. North Carolina Woman Plus - Hope Murdock.

Aimee Kamp was crowned Miss Rice Belt USA 2001 on April 8, 2001, in Bay City, Texas. She also was the Photogenic winner. The first runner-up was Desiree Andresen, and the second runner-up was Amanda Lange. The third runner-up was Sarah Donnelly, and the fourth runner-up was Mindy Huffman. Ms. Huffman also was the swimsuit winner and was honored for most ticket sales. Chelsea Gotcher was Miss Congeniality. Brittany Tiner was crowned Miss Rice Belt Teen USA 2001. She also was the teen Miss Congeniality. Stacey Russo was the first runner-up, and Ashley Martinez was the second runner-up. The third runner-up was Chelsea Bruns, who also was the swimsuit and Photogenic winner. Chelsea Carter was the fourth runner-up. Ms. Kamp and Ms. Tiner won the Internet-determined People's Choice awards in their respective divisions. Katherine Perello, Miss Texas Teen USA, who won her state title competing as Miss Rice Belt Teen USA, served as co-hostess and crowned her successor.

Indira Selmic, 22, was crowned Miss Hawaiian Tropic Germany 2001 on April 8, 2001, in Frankfurt. Sylvia Hartwich, 24, was first runner-up, and Marina Blumhardt, 18, was second runner-up. Melanie Schmitt was third runner-up, and Dagmar Haberer was fourth runner-up.

Reshma Roopram of The Hague was crowned Miss Netherlands Universe on April 8, 2001. The first runner-up was Touriya Haoud of Veenendaal, and the second runner-up was Monique van Bokkum of Amsterdam. Ms. Roopram, who will compete at Miss Universe, was first runner-up in October 2000 to Raja Moussaoui at Miss Netherlands World.

The final Miss California (America) open preliminary was held on April 8, 2001, in Gilroy, Calif. Vanessa Menendez was crowned Miss Gavilan Hills 2001, and Stephanie Baldwin was crowned Miss Northern California Regional 2001. Both are vocalists, and both will be making return visits to the Miss California Pageant. Terrin McGee was first runner-up, and Cheryl Daen was second runner-up. The People's Choice winner was Angela Stratton.

Mataila Sikwane, 23, was crowned Miss Botswana Universe on April 7, 2001. The first runner-up was Rita Webb, 24, and the second runner-up was Lorato Kwelagobe, 20.

Diana Kobzanova was crowned Miss Czech Republic 2001 on April 7, 2001, in Brno. She will compete at Miss World 2001. The first runner-up was Andrea Vranova, and the second runner-up was Andrea Fiserova.

Sara Player, Mh. South Carolina, has won the Mh. Online April 2001 title in the unisex online contest. Sarah Kirby, Mh. Great Britain, was first runner-up.

The Miss Teen America Pageant and the Coronation Inc., family of pageants announced on April 6, 2001, that they have joined forces to produce an all-new international teen competition. The event will be called Miss Teen Galaxy, and will be held in Niagara Falls, Ontario, in March 2002. At the same event, a new Mrs. Galaxy and Miss Galaxy will be crowned. Miss Teen America director Raven Fenmore credited Coronation's president, Dr. Lori Sikorszky, with taking the initiative for the joint venture. Miss Teen America is scheduled for July 2001.

Lori Gordon, 18, of Acworth was crowned Georgia's Perfect Teen on April 1, 2001, in Atlanta. The first runner-up was Jennifer Golden, 19, of Ludowici, and the second runner-up was Sharrell Norman, 16, of Riverdale. Other finalists were Alice Chon, 16, of Lawrenceville and Kwanza Fisher, 14, of Atlanta. Ms. Gordon will represent the state at the America's Perfect Teen Pageant.

Kathryn Evans, 17, of Lavonia was crowned Miss 2001 Georgia United States Teen on April 1, 2001, in Atlanta. Clark Sarullo, 18, of Marietta was first runner-up, and Andrea Massey, 16, of Valdosta was second runner-up. Steffanie Bagley, 17, of Gillsville was third runner-up, and Christina Hill, 14, of Roswell was fourth runner-up.

The Mrs. United Nation Pageant, set for July 2001 in Indian Wells, Calif., has announced two major innovations. First, it will have live TV coverage, exact details of which are not yet available. Second, it is inaugurating a Ms. United Nation Pageant, with the winner chosen through voting at the organization's Web site. The winner will be flown to Indian Wells to be crowned with Mrs. United Nation International and Mrs. United Nation US.

The Resaca Beach Poster Girl Contest, one of the best-known independent swimsuit competitions in the United States, has been saved from extinction. Late in 2000, founder Dan Bowen announced that it was going out of business. But he has now told PNB that he has made arrangements to continue the competition in a different format.

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