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Miss World -- A long, glittering history

See list of Miss World titleholders

The Miss World Pageant was launched in 1951 in London, and it remains under the control of its founder, Eric Morley, and his family. Over the years, it has blended glamour and international charitable activity. 

For a look at the goings-on at the 1997 pageant in the Seychelles, check out www.seychelles.net/excel

For a look at some unforgettable faces of the past, see below:

Eva Rueber StaierEva Rueber Staier, who was crowned Miss World 1969, was the first Austrian to win the title.
1974 winnersHelen Morgan of the United Kingdom was ecstatic when she won the Miss World title in 1974, but within a week she had given it up, and it passed to Anneline Kriel of South Africa. Ms. Morgan went on to make headlines as the romantic interest of several celebrities.
1975 winnersWilnelia Merced claimed the Miss World crown for the green island of Puerto Rico in 1975.
Silvana SuarezSilvana Suarez, in 1978, became the second Argentinian to win Miss World.
Sarah-Jane Hutt Tall and graceful Sarah-Jane Hutt won the Miss World crown in 1983, bringing it home to the United Kingdom.
Gina TollesonGina Tolleson, an American from the Deep South, was Miss World 1990. She went on to marry Canadian-born Hollywood entertainer Alan Thicke.
Aishwarya RaiAishwarya Rai, the second Miss World from India, held the crown in 1994. That same year, a fellow Indian, Sushmita Sen, was Miss Universe.
Aishwarya RaiAishwarya Rai
Jacqueline Aguilera MarcanoJacqueline Aguilera Marcano, from pageant-loving Venezuela, was Miss World 1995.


List of Miss World titleholders

Kiki HaakonsonSweden1951
May Louise FlodinSweden1952
Denise PerrierFrance1953
Antigone CostandaEgypt1954
Carmen Duijm ZubillagaVenezuela1955
Petra Susana ShurmannGermany1956
Marita LindahlFinland1957
Penelope Anne CoelenSouth Africa1958
Corine RottschaferHolland1959
Norma Gladys CappagliArgentina1960
Rosemarie FranklandU.K.1961
Catharina LoddersHolland1962
Carole Joan CrawfordJamaica1963
Ann SydneyU.K.1964
Lesley LangleyU.K.1965
Reita FariaIndia1966
Madeleine Hartog BellPeru1967
Penelope PlummerAustralia1968
Eva Rueber StaierAustria1969
Jennifer HostenGrenada1970
Lucia Tavares PetterleBrazil1971
Belinda GreenAustralia1972
Marjorie WallaceU.S.A.1973
Anneline KrielSouth Africa1974*
Wilnelia MercedPuerto Rico1975
Cindy BreakspeareJamaica 1976
Mary StavinSweden1977
Silvana SuarezArgentina1978
Gina SwainsonBermuda1979
Kimberley SantosGuam1980**
Pilin LeonVenezuela1981
Mariasela AlvarezDominican Republic1982
Sarah-Jane HuttU.K.1983
Astrid HerreraVenezuela1984
Hofi KarlsdottirIceland 1985
Giselle LaRondeTrinidad and Tobago1986
Ulla WeigerstorferAustria1987
Linda PetursdottirIceland1988
Aneta KreglickaPoland1989
Gina Marie TollesonU.S.A.1990
Ninibeth JiminezVenezuela1991
Julia KourotchkinaRussia1992
Lisa HannaJamaica1993
Aishwarya RaiIndia1994
Jacqueline Aguilera MarcanoVenezuela1995
Irene SklivaGreece1996
Diana HaydenIndia1997
Linor AbargilIsrael1998
Yukta MookheyIndia1999
Priyanka ChopraIndia2000
Agbani DaregoNigeria2001
Azra AkinTurkey2002
Rosanna DavisonIreland2003
Maria Julia Mantilla GarciaPeru2004
Unnur Birna VilhjalmsdóttirIceland2005
Tatána KucharováCzech Republic2006
Zhang ZilinChina2007

* Received the crown after Helen Morgan of the United Kingdom resigned.

** Received the crown after Gabriella Brum of Germany resigned.

The Miss World Pageant was first held in London.
Recent venues have included Hong Kong, Atlanta and Sun City, South Africa.

Official list courtesy of the Miss World Beauty Pageant.
Additional information courtesy of the Pageant News Bureau.

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